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Dream. Plan. Establish.

"Your Business Is Our Business"

Our Mission

Business Consultation

We believe it's important to discuss the intentions, benefits, or even the disadvantages of starting a new business. There are many pros and cons that business owners are not always aware of. Together, we'll discuss your business and the advantages of making it legally recognized by the city, county, state, and federal government!

Do you have a new start-up idea? Are you self-employed but need legal structure, bookkeeping or accounting services? Not sure where to even start? We can help you! Our services include documenting income for major purchases and restoring or building healthy credit.

Get on board with an experienced tax preparation service provider here. Use our non-lawyer document prep for help with divorce, child support establishment, paternity solutions and modifications as well!

What We Offer

Web Consultation

We offer several packages and options for new and existing businesses including: Start Up Packages, Section 501(c)3 Status Applications, Comprehensive Business Plans, Digital Marketing, State Licensing Application Assistance, Legal Applications, Family Civil Documentation Preparation and much more!

*Pricing varies based on the type and nature of the business.

Company Services

Garage Design Consultation
  • Corporations / Independent Legal Entity with Limited Liability

  • Non-Profit / Charitable, Educational, Religious, Literary, Scientific

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) with Personal Liability

  • Sole Proprietorship / Unincorporated Business Owned & Operated

  • Partnership / Co-Ownership Sharing In Profits & Losses

  • Limited Partnership with Limited Personal Liability

  • Additional Resources, Planning, Infrastructure & Consulting

  • $150 Hourly Consultation (Half-Hour Minimum)

  • Free 15 Minute Consultation Available Now!

Personal Well-Being
Lighting Design Consultation

Make It Legal, Inc. makes it easy for you to become legally recognized with the paperwork done for you. Let's discuss your dream, and examine your goals to develop a relevant and competitive organization in a fast-paced world. Take the first step to plan out your business with the help of experienced professionals, taking your business to the next level. Our combination of insight and skill will transform goals into strategies to establish your company.


We research the competition for you, using smart tools and global resources to understand the implications of every decision our clients make to be successful. We have what it takes to inaugurate your business, and together we can turn goals into realities. Any organization can take small steps to success, but it takes bold changes and dedication to build a business that will last a lifetime!

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